Investment Principles

All strategies managed at BHC reflect a shared set of core investment principles.


We Build Best-in-class Infrastructure

We established institutional-quality operations, from market-leading fund governance to robust daily trade processing. We are committed to people, processes, technology, and service providers that can increase operational integrity and reduce client risk.

We Preserve Capital

Our culture is focused on risk management because we believe long term success is achieved by controlling short term drawdown. We take risk when there is sufficient expected reward, and where we have risk management tools that give us an edge.

We Invest Quantitatively

We are dedicated to rigorous quantitative research and maintaining state-of-the-art technology to aid investment decisions. We believe an investment edge comes from marrying quantitative tools with experienced market practitioners.

We Unlock Value

Macro trends create our opportunity set, but we find value from fundamental security selection and active position structuring that captures micro-inefficiencies.

We Invest with Macro Themes

We specialize in identifying trends across different asset classes and geographies so we can tactically shift capital to markets with attractive opportunities, and shift capital away from risk.

We Operate with Integrity

BHC is committed to maintaining the utmost level of integrity when it comes to dealing with our investors and partners.