Simon Griffiths

Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager

Simon is a Managing Partner at Breton Hill Capital, and is a member of the Management Committee. Simon brings an extensive background in quantitative research and development to his role as portfolio manager for BHC Multi-Asset Factor Portfolios. He is responsible for developing portfolio analytics and quantitative trading tools that enable the Portfolio Management team to identify and capture alpha. He has over 15 years experience applying investment research to institutional portfolios. Simon is a former co-chair of the Education and Research Committee for AIMA Canada. Prior to co-founding Breton Hill Capital, he co-founded the direct trading business at Diversified Global Asset Management (subsequently acquired by The Carlyle Group) where he was a portfolio manager and was responsible for all research. Simon joined DGAM from Northwater Capital Management, a $10 Billion alternative investment firm where he was responsible for quantitative investment research and software development. Simon holds an M.Sc. in applied statistics from University of Guelph and is a CFA Charterholder.